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Got Caught by Parents: Apologize. Make it real. Don't blame anyone. Just take responsibility and say "I should have known better". They love you and will forgive you eventually.

Got Caught By club: If you show your ID and the person at the club sees but identifies it as fake, you are in a bit of trouble. Try to keep the fake ID and leave. The Fake ID probably has your picture and is evidence against you. So take it and do what you gotta do to leave as quickly as possible without leaving any evidence. Then, go home and burn it.

Got caught by Police: If by some chance you got caught by the police and they have got you and the license, you are in deep doo doo. But, lets say this is your first offense. The key here is to be quiet, call your parents, ask for an attorney. Do not self-incriminate yourself. You can exercise your right to remain silent because anything you say will be used against you. So your job is to not screw up your lawyers negotiation leverage. You will probably end up saying you are very sorry and that you will never do it again. You will probably have a suspended license that will go away if you don't commit any crimes for a certain time frame. Bottom line: Fight like heck to make sure you have no criminal record on you as an adult. If you do, life becomes much more challenging. If this is not your first offense - you are throwing the dice and it depends on the judge.

Finally, as a side advice, don't do it. There really is no point. The inside of a club is not a big deal. There is plenty of clubs that let 16 year olds in and you are way better off growing up and going there when you can rather than risk being labeled a criminal. Be patient and you will get to do everything without the risk of ruining your life...If you get caught, in reality, all that stand between you and being charged as a criminal is a mean/tough prosecutor and a bad defense attorney. Not work risking it.

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Is it true that my ISP is spying on my web browsing? Does DuckDuckGo fix that?
Gabriel Weinberg, CEO & Founder at DuckDuckGo.com (2008-present)

Yes, your ISP (Internet Service Provider) is likely spying on your web browsing, and yes, DuckDuckGo can help you significantly cut down on their ability to spy on you. Your ISP is the company that gets you onto the Internet – your home Internet or mobile data provider. If your ISP is s...

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