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Rated among the best in the business today we decide to review IDGod, a fake id vendor allegedly located outside the United States in the urban province of the People’s Republic of China. The forgeries is a tricky business, and hence not many ID makers can perfect the art of making duplicate identification cards in their mom’s basements. It requires state-of-the-art equipment, highly-developed printing machines, and critically experienced staff to manage and prepare such a sensitive piece of work. Many sites pop up and disappear in a matter of months, but some not only remain stable but become well-known brands and keep their standards in high esteem.

The lush branded fake ids

The website has become a brand, and the students in colleges and universities of the United States often refer to IDGod as the God of the fake IDs. There are other code names used by underaged teens to address IDGod such as the “China Fakes” or “ChGod” mainly because of its operations in China. They provide the reason for that is simple; they believe that the Forgeries business is safe in a country like China for them because it does not come under the Jurisdiction of the United States.

Many vendors have been shut down in the past to name one would be “IDChief” the famous ID maker was shut down after the US pressurized the Chinese Government to take stern action against the vendor as the fake ids they were so real that they deemed it a threat to the national security.

Our Blogging team makes an order for two Connecticut fake ids

Moving on, we as a fake id review blog ensure to verify the legitimacy and quality of each vendor with our personal experience. We selected two of our blogging members located in San Francisco, California to purchase and buy two Connecticut Driver’s licenses from IDGod. We received numerous positive reports that this new template that IDGod makes goes viral and scans flawlessly at bars and grocery stores. Hence blogger A and blogger B tasked to test and verify these reports decided to place orders for them.

The process to purchase fake ids from IDGod’s website

  • The order form is custom coded and hence gives you a positive impression of the dynamics of it.
  • It provides detailed instructions on how to pick State, color, hair, weight and other license credentials. It even has an option to generate license number and additional information to encode for your license.
  • IDGod is one of the rare makers who make more than thirty State licenses and has a large customer base throughout the United States hence you can pick out one in the order form.
  • Ids - License Scannable Best Fake Idviking Driver's Manitoba Id It took a mere thirty seconds to submit the order form instead of waiting minutes for the upload process to go on.
  • They will provide you with a WesternUnion Receiver most of the times located in Ukraine, that is fair enough, as Ukraine is a famous mule attraction for illegal offshore businesses when it comes to picking payments.
  • It also provides you the option to pay with bitcoin and pick a standard and express delivery service.

Even though the website is straightforward, but the theme is custom coded, and IDGod’s policy has always been against using fake id images at their site because their customers appreciate the products that they deliver and word of mouth increases their customer base.

Impressive cart system and active support staff

After submitting the order form, it takes a few seconds to check your inbox and pops up the confirmation E-mail from this vendor with an invoice number and instructions on how to track your ID shipment. In six days, our tracking number arrived, and the USPS service came with the ID after a couple of days. The best shipping experience as described by our members.

The stealth method that they used was so sophisticated that even the best of the Customs in the world could not suspect a foul actor ID inside the boxes; hence IDGod is truly is Amazing.

The conclusion of the purchased license and the desired results

The discrete shipping technique that is widely used by ID sellers has often failed and raised questions about the security of the buyer. Nowadays, id vendors emphasize making their shipping techniques more secure and sophisticated; some will use watch boxes while others use envelopes. However, our members did not have any issue whatsoever with the shipping methods of IDGod and rate it among the best. One of the ID passes in and out of ConnecticutGenerator Tools Fake 6 Iphone Text while the other passes at readers and scanning devices at out of the state bars. Overall, we are quite satisfied with the pricing and quality of the ID but will want more improvements in the template and shipping speed.

FakeIDBoss Rank Meter

Holograms: [8 out of 10] These are spot on and the CTDMV ink is a bit irregular but it gives you a real look and with any angle glows like a real Connecticut OVI.

UV: [7 out of 10] The reason why we are deducting 3 points is that the UV ink is over-printed in some areas and that is probably because they buy their printing material from cheap Chinese providers.

Pricing: [6 out of 10] The price of their Connecticut outdated versions of licenses is pretty expensive. You can get the newer version of the license which matches that of the current DMV version for the same price.

Template: [7 out of 10] The banner of the Connecticut Driver’s license has a deformed color texture and does not match that of a real license. Otherwise, the rest of the elements such as the real id symbol and other security features are good.

Stealth: [8.5 out of 10] It comes well within a box that has one of the most solid disguised packagings.

Shipping: [6 out of 10] It took them merely a week to get me both licenses shipped to the same address.

Please view our Ranking parameters for this vendor before you decide to purchase an id from them.

17 thoughts on “ Review

  1. I know you might have received a better-forged id for yourself, but my experience with IDGod was simply a nightmare. They charged me almost $140 for the new California and I ended up getting a card with a dirty smudge on the back with the barcode. It is a fact that IDGod is a popular merchant for fake ids but they do have this filthy habit of sending only one high-quality fake id out of ten times. I wouldn’t recommend these rippers hope you publish my review and not ignore my complaint.

    1. That is exactly what happened to me as well. I got carried away by all the hype around their name and to be honest these guys are just ripping people off. They send you ID cards which are useless and you can not show them to a Bouncer. The only reply that you get from IDGod is that this does not happen to any ID but what happened to mine was unfortunate that is complete BS in my opinion. I am not a regular customer of theirs and I needed a fake for my friend’s Birthday bash and it is long gone the ID didn’t help and I just threw it away. So basically, their ID cards are a waste of money and time. Stay away!

  2. IDGod makes good fake ids but the recently added templates are way too inferior to trick a Bouncer. In my personal opinion, Chinese located websites use cheap quality material for their ids and most of them have not even seen the actual ID that they are replicating in real and trying to make replicas on an unseen license only proves my point that you will end up getting caught with it.

    My experience with most of these websites have been negative and so far I have not come across a vendor that makes indistinguishable identity cards from the real ones. Through research is very necessary in this regard, most buyers jump out to conclusions and purchasing low-quality stuff because a scannable fake id for a price of forty to fifty dollars sounds too good but have you given a thought to how this guy that promises you such a low-budget offer make such a product and make it profitable for them? I am sure nobody out of this community ever had a serious thought on it.

  3. IDGod basically rips customers just like a pair of Nike shoes that looks very good in the shelve of the shop but when you wear them for jogging or running purposes they do not work at all.

    That is exactly how IDGod deceives its customers by charging hefty prices for its counterfeit licenses but their ids will never pass in-state if you are lucky and come across a beginner Bouncer with a foolish brain you might get into a bar located outside the state but trust me their IDs are real crap and never work.

    The only thing positive about them is that they will not run with your money and that they do deliver and send you an ID unlike all the scams around online but they seriously need to start making high-quality replicas for the prices that they charge.

    1. Ids - License Scannable Best Fake Idviking Driver's Manitoba Id I solely agree with you on this. I had the same experience with their new Idaho license purchased few months back. The Micro printing and template on the whole license has unwanted color marks over it.

      Ids - License Scannable Best Fake Idviking Driver's Manitoba Id So, if your in or out of state Bouncer has a bar book they can easily spot these marked areas over your ID card and get you in trouble. My personal suggestion would be to try another vendor, IDGod does provide one good ID to a customer out of the ten they make and the nine other forgeries are screwed up.

  4. The hype around their fake licenses often gets exaggerated by people that have never used purchase or used their replicas personally. I happen to be a Bouncer in Arlington, and I have confiscated hundreds of forgeries belonging to this vendor. Their customers often pretend to be confident while showing their false ID to you but some dumb errors come with them, and a reasonable person in the field can easily detect those. I have never come across a forged identity card which can convincingly pass the bending test there have been one or two vendors that I ranked high on Reddit in the past, but they seem to have disappeared. Do not risk your carrier by buying from IDGOD there are better vendors out there search this blog, and you will see more of quality.

    1. Do you think I should buy the currently produced replica of the California fake id from idgod or try some other vendor? I really need one in a matter of three to four days and most sellers take a week or two to ship what is your suggestion, please advise?

      1. I am not sure about IDGod because none of their fake ids have passed at the place I work at so far. You can try different vendors make sure your California has good microprint and flawless magstripe and scannable barcodes and it will work. For vendors you can try the top rated ones here other than IDGod or try asking people who purchased and have experience for this state.

  5. Last December I purchased an Illinois license (the older one) during this Black Friday promo. Even though I am not that tech savvy to detect flaws in identification cards this one was pretty obvious. People often fall for IDGod’s promotions and they don’t realize that their identity cards are more inferior during these offers than they are normally.

    I went to a local bar in Chicago and I was very confident because I heard only good things about them on the internet but when the Bouncer had that raging look on his face I realized that I was in hot waters. So the next thing he does is to tell me that fake ids wouldn’t fool him and I was having a dork face he kind of laughed at me. In the end he showed me how he caught the ID to be fake and it was due to the most poor quality laminates on the Illinois card and he also said that it would not scan on the scanner and that further confirmed his suspicion. In short, it is one of the worst products I have ever ordered on the internet and is of no quality I have included a photo of this ID below and will give you an idea of what they sell.

    1. Holy shit! that would have gotten you arrested had you showed it to an arrogant or rude Bouncer. So, you were lucky that you got away with it. This is one of the reasons why I do not go about IDGod’s name at all, the customer feedback regarding them is very dreadful and that makes me think why would any person buying their product give them bad reputation had their ID worked… and that is why I am buying only from the websites suggested by Fake ID Boss.

  6. I had a Illinois fake ID from ID god for over three years! Worked 5 times out of 10. NJ/PA Liquor stores, bars, for juul pods, NYC clubs, you name it. Some bouncers turned me away but I think it was because my photo I sent in was way to under exposed. I thought it looked pretty fake because of the photo but it still worked so soo many times. Paid 40 for two copies. Worth every cent.

  7. Just wondering when I am suppose to recieve a tracking number from them, I placed the order about 2 weeks and haven’t gotten a number to track my order. Are they going to send my id’s? I did a big order with 10 people and it would be pretty upsetting if I didn’t receive the ID’s and wasted all their money. Anyone know anything about this?

  8. ID GOD seems sketchy but I wired my money and hoped i’d get a package in return. Sure enough I got 4 ID’s in the mail. I ordered 2 New York ones for my 2 friends. They did not look exactly like my real one. The fakes are too bright. The picture was too black and sharp. The dates for birthday and expiration were blurry. And on the back there was a bright neon green box by the bar code that the bouncers scan…. the real ID’s aren’t lime green they’re brown. We figured we would try anyway, we went to a bar crawl and they got denied at the first bar they tried getting into. So thanks for nothing ID GOD and you’re welcome for our 200$.

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  9. has anyone ordered the British columbia ID? Is it worth order from here or another vender? I want to make sure i’m getting the best bang for my buck.

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